Welcome to Arizona Fathers & Families Coalition, Inc.

Dear Colleagues: 

Arizona Fathers & Families Coalition (AZFFC) was created in 1994 when a consortium of community providers throughout Arizona to enhance and provide comprehensive welfare to work services. Our mission includes developing opportunities to promote the advancement of those in poverty towards maintaining family sustaining incomes, developing healthy family relationships and increasing the involvement of responsible fatherhood. We are committed through effective services, education, training, and advocacy to make a difference in the lives of fathers, mothers, children and communities. 

Our vision to introduce The Annual Southwestern Fatherhood & Families Conference in 2000 was necessitated by the needs of children impacted by fatherlessness. Our inaugural conference established our commitment to not only address those impacted by fatherlessness but platforms that address other quality- of- life issues. The result was an impassioned forum that has trained of over 1,500 attendees to date who have gone back to their communities prepared to get out there and take up the reins of our communities, children, mothers and the needs of fathers. There is still so much more work to do-as we create those opportunities to improve the quality of lives within our communities, states and nation. I invite you to attend our 6th Annual Southwestern Fatherhood & Families Conference, at the Airport Phoenix Marriott, 16-18 February 2005.  We have enhanced our conference program to include five tracks  full day sessions during the Pre-Conference Summit, Thirty (30) workshops, five keynote sessions, a silent auction and entertainment from the 17th and 18th of February. 

In 2003AZFFC established a National Board Members with a diverse group of professionals from all regions of the United States to ensure we provide the best training, technical assistance and advocacy services throughout Arizona and the nation.  In 2004, we developed a National Consulting Data Base with some of the finest professionals in this nation addressing the many complex issues associated with fathers, mothers, children and communities. We provide culturally sensitive services in the following areas: 

  • National Speaker’s Bureau, 
  • Strategic Planning & Development Specialists, 
  • Proven Multi-Million Fund Development/Grant Writing Experts, 
  • National Grant Evaluators, 
  • Nonprofit Organizational Development , 
  • Nonprofit Board Development/Training, 
  • Staff Development Human Resource Training; 
  • Technology Marketing Experts to include Websites and Broadcasting 

We selected technical assistance and training consultants to address the unique needs of organizations, families, fathers, mothers and communities and for those who would like to join our team email us at [email protected] . Furthermore, we have talented representatives of AZFFC that specializes with the needs Native American, Latino, and African American fathers and families. We look forward to seeing each of you at the 6th Annual Southwestern Fatherhood & Families Conference. We are always here to provide assistance both personal and professional to improve the lives of children, mothers and fathers. 

In 2005 we will start our AZFFC Memberships that will include a quarterly international journal on fatherhood, discount on all trainings, conferences and technical assistance.