Supporting Organizations of Arizona Fathers and Families Coalition, Inc.  Thousands of visitors annually, if you want to join us and have your organization posted here go to “contact us” page.

Arizona Fathers and Families Coalition a consortium of individuals dedicated to developing in helping individuals, families and communities through an array of services. This years key contributing Arizona Planning Committee include the following: 

Arizona Coalition Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies has coalitions in ten counties and on five tribal reservations around Arizona. Through education and collaborative partnerships of both public and private organizations, coalitions are all working in their communities to improve the lives of women and their families. For more information, please visit

Arizona OIC(Opportunities Industrialization Centers) is a private, nonprofit community based organization designed to address the critical employability needs of Arizona’s economically disadvantaged and ethnic minority citizens, through a variety of programs including employment training, alternative education systems and community economic development, please visit us at for more information. 

Arizona Parenting Alliance(APA) is an alliance of community, business, religious and government leaders dedicated to reducing social ills, strengthening families and improving the lives of Arizona’s children through its initiative. The APA Responsible Fatherhood initiative is dedicated to increasing public awareness about the importance of responsible fatherhood. For more information about this and other Arizona Parenting Alliance initiatives, please visit at 

Catholic Social Service Westside Head Start is a comprehensive child development program for children ages 0-5 and their families. Target areas include north and southwestern Maricopa County. Head Start recognizes parents as their child’s first and most important teacher and advocate. West Side Head Start not only has provided services for Head Start & Early Head Start families they have provided direct services for welfare to work participants and implements a model Male Involvement program. Please call 623-486-9868 for more information. 

Chicanos Por la Causa(CPLC) was organized in 1969 by a group of young Chicano leaders to advance the educational, health, economic development, employment, and housing status of the Hispanic community throughout the state of Arizona. CPLC has grown over the years into one of the nation’s largest community development corporations (CDCs). Under the leadership of Domingo Rodriguez, Vice President, CPLC’S Early Head Start and Migrant Head Start have transformed to be one of the key leaders for male involvement programs throughout Arizona. For more information contact Mr. Rodriguez  at [email protected]

The Maricopa County Department of Public Health’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the health of the people and communities in Maricopa County. Our Pregnancy Connection Program is within the Division of Child and Family Health Services, and is funded by the County Prenatal Block Grant through the Arizona Department of Health Services. Pregnancy Connection’s mission is to improve the health of uninsured or underinsured pregnant women and teens referred to our program with information and education on accessing prenatal care or other appropriate services. Limited case management services are also available. Please contact our Pregnancy Connection Program at 602-506-6339 for more information

Mesa Community College/Educational Development Training Center was institutionalized by Gene L. Parrish, Ph.D., in 1996. EDTC provides educational, personal development, social policy analysis, community & economic development, work-readiness services necessary to assist low-income individuals move out of poverty and a leader in male involvement programs.  We offer a Statewide Family Development Credential and in Fall of 2005 will offer a Fatherhood Certificate (16 credits on line and accredited) along with a new Human Development & Family Services Degree for community professionals and organizations nationally(on-line). For more info contact either Gene L. Parrish, Ph.D, Faculty/Director or James C. Rodríguez, M.S.W., Faculty/Manager of Community Advancement at [email protected] or

The MAXIMUS JOBS Program known as Arizona Works is a privatized welfare-to-work program that was initiated in response to state welfare reform legislation. Administered by MAXIMUS, Arizona Works provides one-on-one case management and specialized services to help individuals and their families achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment. Arizona Works is operating as a pilot project in the eastern portion of Maricopa County. Founded in 1975, MAXIMUS measures our success “Helping Government Serve the People” in how many lives we affect and improve. As the direct result of our efforts, more than 180,000 individuals have made the transition for dependence upon public assistance to self-sufficiency through employment. Where we work is where we live, and our more than 5,600 employees are committed to people and the communities that are working to improve. 

Pinal Gila Community Child Services, Inc. serving Pinal and Gila Counties as a Head Start Grantee, Early Head Start Grant, Arizona Early Intervention Grantee, TANF Transportation and other related health, human services, early childhood and family centered services for over 30 years. PGGCS is a leader promoting fatherhood programs throughout Arizona and a charter member of AZFFC. For more information please visit us at or contact Dr. Sherry Ulmer, CEO at 1-888-723-7321. 

The 100 Black Men of Phoenix, Inc. is committed to the intellectual development of youth and the economic empowerment of the African-American community based upon the following precepts: respect for family, spirituality, justice and integrity. The 100 Black Men of Phoenix, Inc. is one of the many international chapters of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. who seeks to serve as a beacon of leadership by utilizing our diverse talents to create an environment where our children are motivated to achieve and to empower our people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of the communities we serve. For more information about our comprehensive s

Southwest Fathering Initiative / Father Matters – Giving children better dads by turning their hearts to their children. 

Self-Made Men Women and Children, Inc. – We are a network of like-minded individuals who seek to improve our present situations through personal transformation, information sharing, and mutual support. We seek to break the negative self-defeating cycles and energy draining thought processes that prevents us from realizing our personal power. We seek to be positive and productive role models for our children so that they do not have to emulate negative stereotypical images portrayed by the media. 
We actively seek to recognize the impact that society’s systems have had on our lives, the lives of our family members and the larger communities, i.e. legal system, social welfare, health care, behavioral welfare, educational system, corporate America. We believe that Information equals Power™ . We seek to be ACTIVE participants in the Information Age and will take proactive steps to reduce the Digital Divide among racial, ethnic, and geographically marginalized groups.   Please visit us online at or contact us at [email protected]