Arizona Fathers & Families, Inc. Scholarships

During the Annual Southwestern Fatherhood Conference, we will award three Honorable John S. Martinez Father of the Year Scholarships & Awards. These scholarships & awards are named after former Connecticut State Representative and National Conference of State Legislator’s Hispanic Caucus President, John S. Martinez. On the 10 October, 2002 John loss of his life was felt throughout the nation, however, the Annual Southwestern Fatherhood Conference will use this platform to recognize John’s great contributions for fathers, fatherhood programs, and promote the continuance of his legacy. 

We have established three (3) John S. Martinez Father of the Year Scholarships & Awards (minimum award $1,000.00) where we will award fathers who are responsible to their children, community and desire to continue their advancement out of poverty through higher education and/or vocational training. One awardee will come from John Martinez’ home State of Connecticut, one from a National pool of applications and one from Arizona. Awardees will be selected by Committees looking for examples from some of the following qualities. These qualities are “how” the father is impacting his child’s life through these attributes. Also, how will this scholarship benefit the father’s professional development goals. 

Courageous, Role Model, Teacher, Affectionate, Realize that a Father’s Job Is Never Done, Consistent, and Involved in the Community Each awardee will receive a scholarship towards future or current educational or vocational goals. For individuals and/or organizations that would like to make contributions to these scholarships please make payments to: 

AZFFC/Southwestern Fatherhood Conference 
Attn: John S. Martinez Scholarship Fund 
P.O. Box 8267 Phoenix, Arizona 85066-8267 

Download the Honorable John S. Martinez Nominee Form by clicking here: 

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Leadership Award 
1. Advances the cause of fatherhood through his actions.
2. Compassionate in his work. 
3. Caring. 
4. Respected highly by his peers. 
5. Committed. 
6. Tireless advocate for fatherhood movement. 
7. Strength of character. 
8. Resource for fathers. 
9. Educator. 
10. Voice in the community.