6 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

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pylonsAs you are no doubt aware, electricity bills are on the rise, and experts are warning that this trend won’t be slowing down anytime soon. This is why you should be doing everything possible to lower your electricity bill and save some money. Here are 6 ways to help you achieve that…

Change electricity company

The first step to lowering your electricity bill is to change your energy company. With a bit of shopping around you can easily find a better deal, and for some Americans this could easily lead to 30 to 50 percent savings on what they are currently paying.

For example, if you live in Pennsylvania then by switching to Stream Energy you will save hundreds of dollars a year.

Change light bulbs

Traditional light bulbs use way too much electricity, which is why you should consider changing to power saving light bulbs that last for 10 years. Sure, they might cost a bit more upfront, but over the long term you are going to be saving a lot more money.

Motion sensor switches

One clever way to reduce your electricity bill is to install motion sensor switches for all lighting around your house. This way, as soon as you leave the room the lights are turned off and you start saving money, and when you enter again the lights are automatically turned on.

Turn off electrical items

When you are not using electrical items such as TV’s, DVD players, computers, and printers…they should be turned completely off. Don’t think that putting them on standby is enough, this still uses up valuable electricity. Make sure you turn them off at the plug as soon as you are finished with them.

Clean the fridge/freezer

One of the biggest electricity drains in your house is caused by an under performing fridge/freezer. In order to ensure that it is performing at maximum capacity, it’s a good idea to clean the coils 2 or 3 times a year and also make sure it is generally clean all round.

Another good tip is to buy a fridge/freezer that is one of the Energy Star models, as this automatically uses around 40% less electricity than the old style models.

Use common sense

Lastly, it’s essential that you always use common sense when looking for ways to reduce electricity consumption around the home.

Make it habit to go round the house in the evening looking for plugs to turn off, and even consider getting an electricity monitor that tells you exactly how much electricity is being used.

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4 Reasons You Should Be Taking Garcinia Cambogia

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Diet supplements have been around for over 100 years now, but unfortunately, just about every single one has turned out to be a dud and is designed only to separate hard working people from their money.

That’s why there was such a buzz when garcinia cambogia hit the market as this is a diet supplement that is different to every single other product that has ever been released.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be taking garcinia cambogia.

It actually works

If you sick and tired of spinning your wheels and never losing any weight then you are going to love garcinia cambogia. The reason? Because it actually works!

In a nutshell, the special ingredients contained within the capsules help to suppress your hunger and make you feel full even when you haven’t eaten much food. As you can imagine, when you don’t have constant cravings for food then losing weight is easy.

It’s easy to take

All you need to do is take the garcinia cambogia capsules 30 minutes before your main meals. As an example, take it before breakfast, lunch, and then lastly in the evening before your dinner.

They are easy to swallow with a glass of water and once you are done you simply store the bottle away in a cool and dark place until you are ready for your next serving. There is nothing complicated about using garcinia cambogia.

It is cheap

Think about this: If you were to go down the weight loss surgery route then it would cost you thousands of dollars, and even then there is no guarantee that you would actually lose weight.

Also, think about all of the money you have spent on fad diets and scam weight loss pills in the past…surely that must be in the thousands of dollars range by now, can you really afford to keep wasting so much money?

On the other hand, a 1 month supply of garcinia cambogia will cost you only around $30 and it is all you need to lose weight and feel great about yourself. When you consider everything, it’s clear to see that garcinia cambogia is extremely cheap.

It improves your mood

Another reason why you should be taking garcinia cambogia is because it improves your mood. Many scientific tests have clearly shown that it enhances your outlook on life, which means if you have been a bit down recently then you can expect things to change in a big way.

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Why it’s Not Bad For You: Putting the Protein Myth to Rest

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man posingIn addition to carbohydrates and good fats, your body needs a diet rich in proteins in order to function. If you’re looking to lose weight and get fit your protein intake needs to become much higher as a result, especially if you’re female – women tend to not eat enough protein in general to support their health and fitness goals. The reasoning behind this is that there are many different myths surrounding high protein diets and how they affect the human body and female physiology. Here’s a few of these myths put to rest that will have you hunting down the best protein powder for women in no time in order to add it to your diet.

No, It Won’t Bulk You Up

Most people know that you need protein to build muscle mass. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are what the body uses to turn that long workout at the gym into noticeable gains. However, many women feel afraid that increasing their protein intake to high levels will somehow transform them into a grotesque, musclebound, hyper-masculine version of themselves. This is of course impossible – not only can the human body only make so much lean muscle out of protein per day, which leads to the excess burned as fuel or naturally eliminated from the body, but the amount of testosterone that the average woman has simply isn’t enough to build the kind of body you would expect from a male fitness enthusiast.

Your Kidneys Won’t Hate You For It

Another common myth is the idea that a diet higher in protein can be possibly damaging to your kidneys. This is by and large untrue, though you should be hesitant to increase your protein intake if you’re already suffering from any kidney-related issues. Higher amounts of protein in your diet will have consequences for other bodily functions, though, such as hydration: in order to metabolize protein, for instance, your body uses much more water than it would to metabolize fats or carbohydrates, and this means you run the risk of dehydration unless you increase your water consumption to counteract this. In other words, if you’re already relatively healthy your kidneys won’t end up hating you if you increase your protein intake, and as long as you drink slightly more water than you’re accustomed to you’ll be able to stave off dehydration easily.

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How to Save Money on Utility Bills by Switching to Solar Water Heating

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solar panelsAre you paying through the nose on your home utility bills? Is your electric water heater adding hundreds to your yearly housing costs, or is the price of natural gas so high as to make you want to take a cold shower to preserve gas?  Believe it or not, but switching to a solar hot water heater may be the answer to your prayers. Here’s how you can save a significant amount of money by ditching your old, traditional heater for a new one that’s powered by the world’s best renewable resource: the sun.

Efficiency is King

Did you know that a traditional hot water heater is incredibly inefficient? Keeping a large tank of water at the perfect temperature to take a shower or wash your dishes is a serious energy hog. Electric water heaters are the worst culprits, but natural gas-operated water heaters aren’t much better. Even an on-demand water heater that doesn’t have to rely on keeping a filled water tank at a constant temperature isn’t perfect, as you’re still burning precious natural gas every time you turn on the tap. However, a solar water heater requires almost no outside help to keep your water hot. On overcast days or during the winter a solar heater may need the occasional boost from its built-in electric or gas heater, but even in instances such as that the total savings compared to your current traditional heater can be as high as 85 percent – that’s just how amazingly efficient solar hot water heaters can be.

The Investment Has Some Long-Term Payoffs

As if the instant savings isn’t enough to convince anyone of the absolute value of a solar hot water heater, consider the following: the cost of a typical solar heating system pays for itself many times over the course of its operating life. The average solar hot water heater can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years without needing replacement. However, thanks to many governmental programs and initiatives that offer rebates and subsidies to homeowners who decide to go green with a solar water heater, the lowered cost of a solar heater means that it pays for itself well before the end of that 15 year period. In some countries it takes as little as four to seven years to save enough on your utility costs to pay for your solar heater. Every month after that is just pure profit – and that’s no joke.

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How to Tell the Difference Between Bikram and Hot Yoga

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bikram yogaIf you’re interested in becoming involved in yoga as a way to strengthen both your mind and body, you owe it to yourself to discover more about this unique exercise method. One of the most common misconceptions surrounding yoga is the nature of Bikram Yoga. While it’s sometimes called Hot Yoga, the truth is that Bikram and Hot Yoga are actually two very different things, though there can and often is a remarkable amount of overlap. Here’s how to understand the differences between Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga.

Sure is Hot In Here, Isn’t It?

Let’s get the most notorious factor out of the way first: yes, whenever attend a Hot Yoga class or a Bikram Yoga class, you’re walking into a room heated to 40 degrees C and with a humidity of around 40 percent. This is exactly why Bikram Yoga has earned itself the nickname of “Hot Yoga,” after all. There are many benefits to practicing yoga in such an environment, including the release of toxins through perspiration, increased circulation, and better muscle and joint flexibility, but just because you’re attending a Hot Yoga class doesn’t mean you’re going to be performing Bikram Yoga.

What’s In a Name

Bikram Yoga is named specifically after its founder, renowned yogic master Bikram Choudhury. Bikram developed his system in the early 1970s by incorporating the idea of practicing yoga in a climate-controlled environment that closely matches the kind of heat and humidity one would experience in the Indian subcontinent and matched it with a set of purposefully chosen yoga poses that support and magnify the health benefits of the hot and damn conditions. Meanwhile, Hot Yoga is just any old yoga performed in a hot room.

One and Not The Other

Still not clear? Think of it this way: do you remember your early geometry homework? There’s an old rule that says all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. This is exactly how you should approach the difference – just replace the words. In fact, all Bikram Yoga is Hot Yoga but not all Hot Yoga is Bikram Yoga. Hot Yoga is a generic term that refers only to practicing yoga in a hot environment, while Bikram Yoga takes this one step further by also practicing a specific set of 26 postures which must be performed in a deliberate sequence. Because the demands of a Bikram Yoga session are so much more exacting than simply practicing any yoga poses you wish in a heated room, only instructors that have passed an exhaustive nine week certification course are permitted to teach Bikram Yoga.

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How to Prepare for Emergency Situations

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thunderstormEmergencies, much like accidents, are bound to happen – and there’s little you can do to prevent them. Whether you end up trapped in your car during a blizzard or stranded in your home in the wake of a particularly damaging hurricane, you’re going to need to know how to keep your wits about you and how to survive until help arrives. This is why you need to prepare for emergencies beforehand, just to be on the safe side.

Three by Three by Three

In the survivalist community, there’s one crucial guideline that has saved countless lives: the Rule of Three. The amount of abuse a person can take when it comes to lack of food, water and shelter comes in multiples of three: you can succumb to the elements in three hours without suitable shelter, three days without a steady source of water, and three weeks without nutritious food. You can build an emergency preparedness kit around this rule easily by ensuring that you always keep a few days’ worth of bottled water for each member of your family in your car or home and a good supply of long-term emergency food supplies as well – this is in addition to items such as first aid kits, emergency radios, extra batteries and flashlights, and even a portable generator that can live in your garage or shed when not in use. It’s better to have the supplies you need and never use them than the other way around, so stock up well before the point you think you could end up having a use for them.

The Internet Is Your Friend – Use It While You Have It

It’s too late of course to begin your emergency preparedness once the power has gone out. You need to have your house in order well before the worst happens, and the best way to do that is to do all your shopping well beforehand. This can be problematic for anyone with a real life that needs to be attended to – whether it’s taking care of children, keeping your home clean, working a full time job or any combination of those three there’s often little time left over to go looking for a local (or not so local) emergency food supplier. Luckily you can get around this by using the internet to place orders and have them shipped directly to your door. If you’re looking for one of the best resources for not just long-term food storage but also first-aid and survival kits, emergency food supplies and more can be found here at this website and many others like it.

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Actions To Take If You Are Injured While on Vacation in New York

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nyc cabNew York City: it’s the City That Never Sleeps, and it’s a major tourist attraction thanks to the fact that it houses some of the most important organizations on the planet. From Wall Street to the United Nations to some of the most world-renowned national landmarks, entertainment venues, and museums, NYC is almost always packed with tourists year round. However, even the most careful and astute tourist can end up in a debilitating accident while on a trip to the Big Apple; here’s how to deal with the repercussions of being injured far from home.

Let the Insurance Company Work Things Out Later

The most important thing in the wake of a bad accident, no matter where you are, is of course to get medical care. This could mean you might end up stranded far from home in a hospital you’re not familiar with, and this could wreak havoc with your medical insurance. However, instead of losing your mind by trying to deal with your insurer, just concentrate on getting well enough to get home. You can deal with any coverage issues once you return to where you’re safe and comfortable. In the meantime, just remember that any unpaid medical bills can easily be taken care of if you were injured through no fault of your own – especially if you have the presence of mind to not leave for home without talking to a local attorney about bringing a personal injury lawsuit.

Make the Safe Bet

There’s nothing wrong with using an attorney that you have an established relationship with if you’re from out of town, but you should consider instead choosing a local law firm to represent you if you’re injured while on vacation in the Big Apple. An experienced NYC personal injury attorney will know every nook and cranny of the city’s legal system. They’ll know whose palms need greasing (figuratively of course), which laws and local regulations need to be complied with, and how to deal with any number of law clerks and court judges that they’ve been dealing with for years. This is a massive benefit in comparison to a law firm that doesn’t have the same detailed experience with the region, and can even turn what would otherwise be an open-and-shut case that would end in a sizable settlement out of court into a long slog of a legal proceeding that could drag on for months or even years. When you’re already suffering from your injuries – and your inability to earn a living because of them – choosing a local attorney over one that isn’t is a much safer bet in the long run.

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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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double bedIf there’s one thing that all too many people suffer from in this day and age it’s almost certainly insomnia. A good night’s sleep can sadly be as elusive as a golden rainbow unicorn – sometimes even more so – and with so many of us leading such busy lives the little sleep we get needs to be as restful as possible. Here are a few ideas on how to get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t Surf From Bed

Whether it’s channel surfing on a television at the foot of your bed or it’s surfing the net with your tablet or smart phone in your hand, trying to lull yourself to sleep in this manner can actually stimulate you into further wakefulness. Bright tablet and phone screens are the worst, as the tinge of an LCD screen tends to give off the type of light that your brain associates with wakefulness. Do yourself a favor and switch off if you want to get to bed quicker.

Chill Out

Most people like it nice and toasty in their bedrooms so they’re comfortable, but in many instances a room that’s even just a few degrees too warm can trick your body into staying awake. Keeping your bedroom more on the chilly side is the best way to get yourself ready for sleep; that means either turning up the air conditioning in the summer or turning down the heat in the winter. If it’s a little bit to chilly for your comfort, simply put a heavier blanket on the bed and snuggle in tight.

Keep Your Pillow in Place

Some people end up waking up in the middle of the night, perplexed and annoyed to find that their pillow has completely disappeared. This can happen with even the most docile of sleepers, especially when you’ve got a gap between your mattress and the wall. Often times it’s not just a pillow, either – people with a gap between mattress and wall often find themselves reaching down to fish television remote controls, eyeglasses, and mobile phones out from that pit of no return. Thankfully there’s an easy way to put an end to that; you can buy a mattress wedge that fits the size of your bed that’s perfect for keeping things from slipping down out of sight – and all with the added benefit of a bit of extra comfort as well.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Truth

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truth?Weight loss supplement products are big business, thanks to the fact that so many people lead such sedentary lives nowadays. Luckily there’s a nutritional supplement out there that actually works, especially when it comes to weight loss: it’s called green coffee beans extract, and the fact that it’s an effective way to lose weight is of course an incredible rarity in the weight loss supplement marketplace, as many of the products for sale today are of questionable use, but it’s true: there are medical studies that have been conducted in order to investigate the effectiveness of green coffee beans as a weight loss supplement and the results have been nothing less than astounding.

What the Doctors Found

It turns out that green coffee beans are an excellent source of one particular natural chemical compound known as chlorogenic acid. It’s only found in the green, unroasted coffee bean, as turning fresh beans into coffee grounds involves roasting them, which destroys this naturally occurring chemical. More importantly, medical researchers found that a diet that incorporates a high level of chlorogenic acid can help to regulate blood sugar levels in a way that prevents weight gain. Chlorogenic acid, the main ingredient in green coffee beans extract, slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream, and this provides a slow but steady supply of energy for your body that gets used more efficiently and prevents excess glucose from being turned into body fat.

Not Just For Weight Loss

However, the doctors found something else as well when it comes to green coffee bean extract: chlorogenic isn’t just good for weight loss, as it also has been found to have strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are a specific class of organic chemicals that naturally occur in many different food sources that have a protective effect on your overall health. The secret behind antioxidants is that they bond with harmful substances in your bloodstream called free radicals and render them harmless, and this process prevents your body from suffering oxidative stress caused by these free radicals. High levels of antioxidant activity have been linked to greater overall health levels, especially as the body ages, as the prevention of oxidative stress helps the body stay healthier for longer. In other words, not only will green coffee bean extract help you lose weight it will also help to improve your overall health as well – and that makes it a very valuable substance indeed.

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3 Reasons Why Phytoceramides is a Miracle For Your Skin

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beautiful girlUnless you have been living under a rock for the last 12 months, then you have no doubt been hearing about phytoceramides in the news and on the television. But does the product really live up to the hype? Or is it just another “con job” designed to raise your hopes and extract your money? Let’s take a look below…

3 reasons why phytoceramides is a miracle for your skin:

It is recommended by Dr Oz

If you own a TV set then there is a high chance that you watch Dr Oz, and have come to trust his judgment Well, Dr Oz recommends the product extremely highly, and has even gone on to say that this could be the most important development in skin care ever discovered.

This is bold statement for sure, but when you realize that Dr Oz is putting his reputation on the line, then it really does give credence to the fact that phytoceramides are the real deal.

To find out more visit this page – phytoceramides dr oz

It is sold on Amazon

When you consider that Amazon is the number 1 retail website on the internet, and is trusted by millions of people around the country, do you really think they would risk their reputation by stocking phytoceramides if it is was a scam product?

Of course not, and this is why you will find a range of different phytoceramide products offered by some of the top sellers on Amazon. Make no mistake about it, this is a product that is here to stay, and will only go from strength to strength over the coming months and years.

It is backed by scientists

It’s common knowledge that the best scientists are to be found in Latvia, but did you know that it was these scientists that first developed phytoceramides?

Around 10 years ago there was a team of Latvian scientists working in a secret location testing the product and documenting their results, and after 6 years and 5 months of some of the best scientific work ever undertaken, they finally came up with a supplement that was safe to use.

Then, 11 months later a team of American scientists visited Latvia to find out more about this “miracle for your skin,” and pretty soon the formula was being transported back to JFK Airport in a protective suitcase. With all of this in mind, it’s clear to see that phytoceramides is a product you can trust and feel safe about using.

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2 Reasons to Invest in a Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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When it comes to music technology, prices can run very high if you’re a serious enthusiast. While nearly any handheld device like a smartphone or a tablet can handle music playback the small, tinny speakers built in to these devices are often lackluster, leaving much to be desired in terms of enjoying the full range of sound, and this is why there’s still a market for high-end audio systems. However, there’s an excellent and also low-cost alternative if you want to listen to your music on the go: Bluetooth portable speakers. However, there’s more than one reason to use a Bluetooth portable speaker; here are two of the best reasons to invest in this particular piece of hardware.

It’s Versatile

The best part about a Bluetooth portable speaker – besides being able to hear your music wherever you go and whatever you’re doing – is that it doesn’t just end right there. The versatility of such a portable speaker is high, especially because in addition to having Bluetooth functionality the lion’s share of good portable speakers also have an older style audio jack, making it easy to use in an older music storage device like an MP3 player or even with a laptop or desktop computer that doesn’t have Bluetooth. In fact, you can even use a portable speaker to do more than simply play music: many people use their portable speakers as a replacement for the speakerphone function on their phones at work as it’s often much more powerful, leading to clearer and more comprehensible conference calls.

It’s Affordable

Originally you paid a premium for any sort of wireless music technology, especially in its infancy. However, today things couldn’t be more different. Most of this due to the fact that nearly every modern piece of technology has Bluetooth built right in, from tablets and smartphones to even car stereo systems in some cases. With such a high market saturation Bluetooth has become less of a luxury and more of a standard feature, which has driven prices down to the point of making any Bluetooth-equipped device highly affordable, and this includes wireless speakers as well. Combine that with technologies like rechargeable batteries and you’ve got a powerhouse of a speaker that you can often find for a very affordable price from almost any retailer wherever you go; now you don’t have to put yourself in the poorhouse if you want to listen to a few tunes while at your desk.

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The Importance of Choosing a Good Dentist

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orthodontist-287285_150There are few people in this world that enjoy taking trips to the dentist. Many people, especially those that either live or work in the capital, can often be hard-pressed to find the time to choose a dentist when they have need and often simply choose at random, but this could indeed be a mistake. Truth be told that there are plenty of dentists in North London if you’re in need of some work done. However, not all of these dentists are created equal; you owe it to yourself to select your dentist with care and attention to detail before committing to dental work. Whether it’s something as simple as filling a cavity or it’s major dental surgery, the dentist office you choose can make or break your experience.

High Anxiety

Most people feel at least a small twinge of anxiety upon going to the dentist. It’s one of the least favorite places in the world for children, and many of us hold on to that irrational fear as adults. Anxiety can lead to avoiding going to the dentist for years and could make minor dental problems that much worse, so you need to find a dental office that is going to make you feel calm and at ease. Fear of dentists is very well known, and many dental professionals make it a point to alleviate this anxiety in their patients by undergoing special training to alleviate that discomfort and becoming a Dental Phobia Certified dentist, an important accolade for anyone who is afraid that their experience in the dentist office will be a traumatic one.

A Wide Range of Treatments

Almost no one has the good fortune to need a simple cleaning at every check-up before being sent on their way. In fact it’s much more common to discover that you have some cavities, an impacted wisdom tooth, or any other number of more serious issues that could require cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening or even braces. You need to ensure that the dentist you choose can provide you with all of these services, as nothing is worse than having to be referred to a specialist dental surgeon because the initial dentist you chose doesn’t perform those kinds of procedures. Save yourself the frustration by checking beforehand that your dental office can and will have the capability to take care of whatever you need done, and you’ll experience much less anxiety and frustration from the entire process.

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Can You Really Get Enough Protein From Plant Sources?

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When most people think of protein they tend to think of meat, chicken, eggs and milk.  What probably does not spring to mind is hemp seed, rice and mushrooms.  It turns out that there are a number of plants that are very high in protein and you absolutely can get enough protein, even if you are on a plant based diet.

What Plants Are High In Protein?

If you are a vegetarian, you might struggle to get enough protein into your diet, but there are some great meat free sources of protein.  Brown rice is high in protein and an excellent way to increase your protein intake.

Hemp seed is a surprisingly protein rich food.  We should point out that the hemp seed you get in protein powders or at your local market is not a drug and it will not get you high.   The hemp that is used to make protein is made from a completely different part of the seed and is completely safe.


Mushrooms are another excellent source of protein.    While different types of mushrooms have different levels of protein, here are a few varieties that are particularly rich in protein – Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey Tail, King Trumpet, Lion’s Mane and Shiitake.

What is The Best Way To Take Plant Protein?

If you have access to fresh rice, hemp seed and mushrooms, then you can just include these protein rich foods in your diet.  On the other hand, if you don’t have easy access to these plant proteins, your best bet is to go with a 100% Organic Plant Based Protein powder.

There are numerous types of plant protein powders on the market, but we recommend one that is certified Organic and does not contain soy.  Several studies have shown that soy protein can have a negative effect on the body, particularly in women.  The soy industry will produce studies that say soy protein is completely safe.  Our advice, with so many other great sources of plant protein available, why take a risk with soy protein.

Taste Does Matter With Plant Protein Powders

Eating hemp, rice and mushrooms in powder form is not the most appealing thought for many people.  Let’s just say it can be an acquired taste when it comes to plant proteins.

You may do better looking for a Raw and Organic Plant Based Protein Powder that has a slight vanilla flavor added to it.  After all, having the most healthy protein shake in the world does not matter, if it tastes so bad you can never drink it.

Do your own research, but it seems clear that you can go meat free and still have a diet high in protein.

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Can Rhodiola Rosea Stop Your Stress

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Life is stressful.  There I said it.  Family, work, day to day activities – sometimes it can just get the best of you and really wear you down.  In order to combat stress there are countless pharmaceuticals, but the side effects of these drugs can often be worse than the stress you were trying to treat.


Rhodiola Rosea, A Natural Solution To Stress?

If you are looking for a way to reduce stress without the side effects of medications, you may want to take a natural approach.  Rhodiola Rosea root has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy to stress and low energy levels.

Rhodiola Rosea has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the effects of stress, while increasing mental awareness and energy levels.  There were a number of fascinating studies done using Rhodiola Rosea and people in high stress jobs like ER doctors and fighter pilots.  What the studies found was that Rhodiola Rosea was able to consistently reduce stress levels, while increasing mental alertness, even in individuals who were deprived of sleep.

Why Adaptogen Herbs Are So Important

Rhodiola Rosea is classified as an Adaptogen Herb. Adaptogen herbs must treat the whole body, not just specific symptoms and they also must not produce side effects.  For example, an herb that you take to specifically get rid of a headache, would not be an adaptogen herb, because it is just targeting your headache. An adaptogen herb like Rhodiola Rosea would work to put the whole body in balance and with the body in balance, the headache will go away.

The idea of treating the whole body and not creating side effects makes a great deal of sense.  Rhodiola has the unique ability to adapt to your body and get all the systems in your body to work at their best.

The other advantage of using an adaptogen like Rhodiola Rosea is that you get benefits beyond stress relief.  The “side effects” from Rhodiola Rosea are increased energy, better sleep, mental clarity and a stronger immune system.  These are the type of “side effects” that most people would love!

Do Your Research When It Comes To Rhodiola Rosea Supplements

If you do want to try Rhodiola Rosea, there are a wide assortment of rhodiola supplements that you can buy.  It is best to do your research and look for a pure rhodiola supplement that comes from Siberia and has been tested to be free of heavy metals and contaminants.

There are a number of Rhodiola supplements available at Amazon.Com that have  very positive consumer reviews.  We believe that once you try rhodiola rosea, you will start to feel what it is like to live a stress free life.

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Can The Baobab Fruit Keep You Healthy?

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It seems like every time you turn on the TV there is another a SuperFood that is supposed to cure all your health problems.  After a while, I start to tune out all these reports because they just don’t seem to be based on science and facts.  I tend to look up nutritional values on fruits and foods and honestly, most of the SuperFoods they are promoting have no more nutrients than a banana.


The Baobab Fruit May Actually Live Up To The Hype

So, when I read that the Baobab Fruit from Africa was the top SuperFruit for 2014, I really did not expect much.  I did some quick research to see what was so special about the Baobab Fruit and frankly, I was pretty amazed.

While all fruits have some nutritional value, the Baobab fruit is absolutely off the charts when it comes antioxidants.  I looked up the ORAC levels for the Baobab Fruit and it is an amazing 1,400 ORAC per gram of Baobab Fruit.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and it is simply a way to scientifically measure the antioxidant levels in different foods.  To give you a point of comparison, the ORAC levels of 1 gram of Blueberries is 65.  The ORAC of the mighty Goji Berry comes in at 125.  So, the Baobab Fruit with its 1,400 ORAC is not just higher than other fruits, it is light years ahead!

Why Eat High Antioxidant Foods?

I quickly established that Baobab Fruit Powder was bursting with antioxidants, but the next logical question is – what is the big deal with antioxidants?  The reason why antioxidants are so important is that they allow your body to fight off disease and stay strong.

Our body, like a car, will oxidize over time.  All the chemical reactions that go on in our body give off oxygen that can basically “rust” us on the inside.  By having a diet rich in antioxidants, we can fight off the free radicals in our body and prevent damage from happening to our cells.  Simply put, if you have a high antioxidant diet you are going to feel better and more than likely live longer.

I Was Wrong About the Baobab Fruit Powder

So I admit it, my first impression of the Baobab Fruit Powder was off base.  I figured it was all hype and no science.  In fact, the opposite seems to be true.  Given all the nutrients in the Baobab Fruit, it clearly does appear to be a SuperFood with much greater health benefits than a banana.

I have a strong feeling we are going to be hearing much more about Organic Baobab Fruit supplements in 2014 and beyond.

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Baobab Fruit, The Most Impressive Food You Have Never Heard Of

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My guess is, if you are like 99% of the population in the USA, you have never heard of the Baobab Fruit.  I have to admit, a couple of months back I had not only never heard of the Baobab Fruit, I also had no idea how to pronounce it!

For the record, Baobab is pronounced “BEY-oh-Bab” and while it might be hard to pronounce, you will definitely be hearing much more about this incredibly nutritious fruit that grows in Africa.  In this article we will help you understand what Baobab Fruit is and why you would want to add it to your diet.


Baobab – The Fruit That Comes From The Tree of Life

While the locals in Africa will refer to the tree that bears Baobab Fruit as the Baobab Tree, Monkey Bread Tree, Upside Down Tree or the Tree of Life, the technical name for the tree is Adansonia Digitata tree.

The Baobab Fruit is about 10 inches in size and has a hard shell like a coconut.  Once you crack the shell to the Baobab open, you get to the Baobab Pulp and this is where things get interesting.  There is a reason why they called the Baobab Tree the Tree of Life, the Baobab Fruit is packed with healthy nutrients.

What Makes The Baobab Fruit So Special

While all fruits have certain nutrients that make them healthy and smart to include in your diet, the Baobab Fruit takes things to a whole new level.  Here is a quick run down of the nutrients in the Baobab Fruit –

  • 6 Times The Antioxidants of Blueberries
  • 50% Heart Healthy Fiber Per Serving
  • 6 Times The Vitamin C of Oranges
  • More Potassium and Magnesium Than Bananas
  • Double the Calcium of Milk
  • More Iron Than Beef

The list actually goes on and on, but this gives you a good idea of why the Baobab Fruit is being called a true SuperFruit.

How To Get Baobab Fruit Into Your Diet

Unless you live in Africa, it can be a challenge finding fresh Baobab Fruit at the local market.  The good news is, there are a few 100% Organic Baobab Fruit Powders on the market that allow anyone in the world to enjoy the nutrients and health benefits of the Baobab Fruit.

We personally use the Limitless Baobab Fruit Powder because it is made with 100% USDA Certified Organic Baobab Fruit Powder and absolutely nothing else.  We also love that it is raw – absolutely no heat is used to process the Baobab Fruit.

The best way to work the Organic Baobab Fruit into your diet is to simply mix 2 scoops of the Baobab powder into  water, juice or a smoothie.  You will feel the energy boost pretty quickly and there will not be a crash.  Of course, all the antioxidants in the Baobab Fruit will keep your immune system strong and you should feel and look great.

Like we said, you may have never heard of the Baobab Fruit, but we believe once you try it, you won’t be able to forget it!

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Turmeric – 3 Wonderful Benefits For Your Skin

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The herb Turmeric has been used in Asian cooking for years, but did you know it also has many other uses?

More specifically, Asian people have been using as part of a natural skin care regime since ancient times, and this is the big secret why many men and women stay looking young well past their fiftieth birthday.

Luckily for you, countries such as India and Indonesia haven’t been able to keep Turmeric a secret from the Western world. You see, in the last 5 years people in America have started to catch up, and now thousands are using turmeric pills on a daily basis to defy the aging process and look and feel 10 years younger.

Here are 3 wonderful benefits for your skin that you could experience from using Turmeric:

Reduced pigmentation

It’s estimated that around 77% of the population in America suffer from some form of pigmentation on the skin. Some experts believe this is due to the harmful toxins found in many popular junk foods that are widely available in fast food joints and supermarkets up and down the country.

Fortunately, Turmeric curcumin tablets work hard to rid the body of toxins, which means pigmentation of the skin can be reduced as a result.

Get rid of acne

Did you know that most mainstream acne products actually make your acne worse? This is because they contain ingredients that cause your face to produce more oil, especially if you have sensitive or mild skin.

Numerous tests and studies have shown that Turmeric helps to fight excess oil in the skin, as well as reducing redness and irritation caused by excessive acne.

Reduce stretch marks

Visit any woman in India a few weeks after she has given birth, ask politely to see her belly, and you will observe very little or no stretch marks at all. Why is this? One word…Turmeric!

As you are no doubt aware, women in America suffer from stretch marks for years after they have given birth, and for some those nasty marks never go away.

Well, this could soon be a thing of the past as the benefits of Turmeric are now starting to become more well known in major cities and towns across America.

The final word

Now that you understand the wonderful benefits that Turmeric has on the skin, what are you going to do about it? Turmeric pills are now widely available on respected sites such as Amazon, so you won’t have to look very far to get your first batch.

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Why It’s So Important to Choose Your Nutritional Supplements With Care

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If you’re interested in being as healthy as you possibly can be, you know that it’s more than just eating right and exercising regularly: there are other things you can do to maximize your health. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you take a good nutritional supplement to ensure your body gets everything it needs to keep working like the well-oiled machine you want it to, but you need to take care when choosing your nutritional supplements. Here’s why.

Trust No One

Even the most well-known nutritional supplements, the ones that are highly popular and seen as effective treatments for everything from acne to obesity, can be suspect. For example, garcinia cambogia extract is most definitely a popular and in many cases highly effective weight loss supplement, based on many promising medical research studies. However, thanks to the lack of any sort of regulatory body keeping a close eye on the nutritional and diet supplement industry just because a manufacturer produces and markets a garcinia cambogia product does not mean that it features the same therapeutic effects of another company’s product – even if the dosages are listed as equal! The reason behind this is that without regulation, there’s no standardized practices for the production of any nutritional supplement; this means that companies can use sub-standard methods that produce less potent extracts or make use of useless fillers, binders and additives.

Where To Turn To

It’s hard to not feel like ever finding the right supplement for you – one that’s been made in a responsible manner by a reputable manufacturer – could be impossible. However, there are ways to make informed and smart choices when it comes to your nutritional supplement provider. The first of course is to read the labels of any products you’re thinking of purchasing, as the ingredient lists can be your first clue into which supplement company uses fillers or additives in their manufacturing process. In addition, spending some time on the internet can also reveal which supplement maker is known to use poor manufacturing processes – or which ones are safe and responsible. You’ll have to do a little bit of detective work to find the right nutritional supplement company for you, but after taking so much time and effort to reach the rest of your personal health and fitness goals, shouldn’t you use that same care and attention when it comes to finding the best and safest supplements?

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4 Ways to Control Cystic Acne

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cracked skinNobody likes those unsightly, oily pimples that can crop up on your face at the worst possible times. It’s a common misconception that only teenagers suffer from acne, but that’s simply not true; adult acne is a serious problem for many people. Even worse is how prevalent cystic acne is, the supercharged and incredibly painful version of regular acne. However, if you’re suffering from cystic acne you’re not alone. In fact there are ways to reduce its impact on your life, so if you want to know how to get rid of cystic acne, keep these four tips in mind.

Do as the Doctor Orders

Cystic acne can be very serious, and that means you need to bite the bullet and schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. Cystic acne forms deep in the lower layers of your skin and can cause painful infections that can leave prominent scarring, so your first step in getting rid of your cystic acne is to seek a professional’s opinion so you don’t inadvertently cause your cystic acne to spread – or even end up hurting yourself!

Please Don’t Squeeze

Cystic acne is nothing like regular acne, especially since it’s usually so deep under your skin. That means you can’t safely get rid of it like a normal pimple: no squeezing, pinching, or attempting to pop a cyst under your skin’s surface, as you could easily end up spreading an infected cyst and making it even bigger. Pop those surface pimples all you want, but keep your cool when it comes to your cystic acne.

Change Your Diet

Believe it or not, there’s evidence that points to diet as being linked to the formation of cystic acne. Low glycemic index foods have been correlated with a reduction in cystic acne in many suffers, so think about incorporating whole grains and high fiber foods like fruits and vegetables into your diet in greater amounts. The added benefit is of course such a diet is healthy to begin with, so you’ll be increasing your overall health at the same time.

Paste Your Face

You don’t necessarily need highly astringent and harsh facial scrubs to take care of cystic acne. In fact, being too vigorous with cleaning your skin could end up irritating your cystic acne and making things worse. If you want to safely and gently strip excess oils from your face, you can create a safe and mild paste out of water and baking soda. Pasting your face once a day and leaving it on for 20 minutes or so will allow the baking soda to absorb that extra oil, and if you keep this up consistently your cystic acne can easily begin to subside. Just remember to moisturize your skin afterwards to keep it from drying out.

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The Content Management System: The Clever Secret For Building Your Own Website

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You wouldn’t be the only person in the world ever to look for instructions on how to create a website. In fact, many people find themselves with the need to put a webpage together from time to time, and if you’ve ever tried to teach yourself the basics you can easily become bogged down in the intricacies of web development. That being said, there are much better ways to find what you need – and in fact there’s a quick easy shortcut for building your own website. The secret formula is simpler than you could ever imagine: simply use a content management system (CMS).

What It Is and What It Does

The words “content management system” might sound quite complex, but using a CMS is so easy almost anyone can do it. A CMS is essentially a web page editor that works in the background of your website – a password-protected back end that allows you to format and display content in whatever way you like. Instead of looking up esoteric HTML codes for formatting text or displaying images in a certain way, you can simply use your CMS to drag-and-drop your content and arrange it to your heart’s content – all without having to learn a single line of code!

It’s Not Magic

While it sounds like sorcery, it’s really not – just the results of a lot of clever programming. Content management systems were developed by web programmers that got tired of doing everything by hand, both for themselves and their friends and clients – and instead designed a graphical user interface that you can use with a mouse the same way you can use any other desktop application. No matter which CMS you use, they’re all geared towards making web development easy to use, and that means there’s fewer barriers to creating your own website than ever before.

The Price is Right

The best part about a CMS could arguably be the fact that the majority of content management systems are completely free to use. They’re open source programs, which means you can download them without having to purchase a copy for yourself – and in fact they’re so popular that many web hosting companies will even offer to install a copy of your favorite CMS completely for free as part of their services.

Not Just For Beginners

While it may sound like using a CMS is web development for newcomers, the truth is that most content management systems are completely customizable. With the right knowledge, you can change every aspect of a CMS-generated website with ease, as most of these programs allow users to get their hands dirty with HTML code if they wish. A CMS is truly the best option for anyone who wants to build a website, experienced or not.

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Why Network Support Services Are Important

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networkToday we live in an ever-more interconnected age, and that means new technologies are emerging and being integrated into every aspect of our lives. Nowhere is this more important in the business world, where companies both large and small are completely reliant upon their network infrastructure to remain competitive in the modern global marketplace.


In an era where even a few hours of downtime could spell disaster for a business, it’s more important than ever to have reliable expertise in the form of network support services run by a reputable and knowledgeable company dedicated to providing you the solutions you need to keep your workflow from interruption. Companies rely upon firms  and support service experts to safeguard against any possible incident; here’s what a good network support service can do for you.

Around the Clock Support and Service

Just because you may close your doors at 5 PM every day doesn’t mean that the business world stops. In fact, many integral infrastructure facilities have to remain intact on a 24 hour basis, such as email servers and internal databases – and in the event that your business suffers an infrastructure failure outside of normal business hours you need to have a network support service company that’s available around the clock to take care of any issues that occur at the time of occurrence, and not several hours later when the damage done might be irreversible; a good service company can prevent a simple inconvenience into a major catastrophe.

On-Site and Remote Access

It’s always gratifying to see a technician from your network support service company arrive at the office, as you can rest assured that they’re on the job and they’ll be doing their best to get things up and running again as quickly as possible. This is ideal when there’s a serious hardware issue, but sometimes there problems arise that are time-sensitive software issues that you don’t have the luxury of waiting for a technician’s arrival to resolve. However, good service companies can easily provide remote access rights to their technicians for many software problems, which obviates the need for a technician to be physically at your offices before remedying the issue. When time is of the essence, this remote access solution can get your software problem fixed in a fraction of the time it would take for a technician to arrive on site.

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You Are What You Eat – So Eat Yourself Thin

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Believe it or not but losing weight isn’t as complicated as all that. If you simply expend more energy than you take in as food you’ll lose weight and that’s just science. However, nobody ever said that just because something is simple means that’s it’s going to be easy – in fact, losing weight is one of the hardest things you can try to do, and as a result there has been a huge industry that’s grown up around weight loss and fitness. There are any number of people willing to sell you diet supplements and gym memberships, but the truth is that you don’t necessarily need to spend all this money; if you can successfully change your diet and stick with it, you can be well on your way to reducing your weight to more healthy levels.

Back to the Kitchen

Combined with not enough exercise, overeating – or eating the wrong combination of foods – got you into this mess in the first place. However, you have to get back into the kitchen but this time you’ve got to make smart choices in what you’re eating instead, and doing so can get you back on track to meeting your fitness goals. However, simply cutting down your caloric intake isn’t going to work as well as you might think, even if you’re taking pure garcinia cambogia or another appetite suppressant to help with your hunger pains. No, the true danger here could be that you might easily end up eating the wrong kinds of foods. This could result in depriving you of the kinds of nutrients you need to stay healthy and could possibly put your health at risk! A better plan would be to not just monitor how much you eat on a daily basis but also to ensure that you’re eating well-balanced meals that leave you healthier than you were before you sat down to supper.

Unlock the Secrets of Good Nutrition

The plain truth of it is that there are all sorts of foods that will work at cross-purposes to losing weight. It doesn’t matter if you’re only eating these foods in small amounts, either – even a bit can be enough to throw your metabolism off. Simple carbohydrates that are low in dietary fiber and high in processed sugars have been linked to weight gain, especially since they’re so quickly digested and they leave you feeling hungry much quicker than complex carbs or high fiber foods. Keeping away from such foods also means that you have a better chance of eating foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins that will keep you healthy as you forge towards your weight loss goals.

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Why You Should Shop Online for Electronic Cigarettes

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lady smokerYou’ve seen the writing on the wall – the bell has begun to toll for the old traditional tobacco cigarette. It’s time has come, and the natural successor – the electronic cigarette –will soon reign supreme as the best choice for smokers everywhere because of its convenience and its health benefits. However, not everyone has been convinced of the e-cig’s supremacy yet. Even more might still be buying their electronic cigarettes the old-fashioned way, even though there’s a better way: shopping for e-cigs online.

It’s Convenient

There aren’t all that many places to buy electronic cigarettes out in the world. Sure, some smoke shops might carry one or two different brands, and if you’re lucky your local convenience store might stock them as well, but for the most part it’s hard to simply walk down the block and find some place that carries them. Of course this simply isn’t the case when you look online – there are so many different websites that carry so many different brands that you could spend hours looking and never find the end of them. From large-scale retailers to smaller niche websites there’s a website out there that’s going to have exactly what you’re looking for – and they’ll be able to ship it directly to your door.

It’s Cost-Effective

There’s an even bigger benefit to you if you decide to buy online instead of going to the one or two stores in your area that actually carry electronic cigarettes, though – you’re likely to pay a fraction of the price as you would in your local brick and mortar storefront. Online retailers and manufacturers can and often do charge you much less than you would have to pay in a retail store, simply because you’re cutting out the middle-man: you don’t have a reseller marking up their wholesale prices in order to turn a profit, so you’re reaping the rewards. On top of that, many online e-cig vendors are very generous with their shipping and handling charges, and that means even when you take your shipping charges into account you’re still likely to come out ahead of the game – and that’s a sentiment you can take all the way to the bank. You can rest assured you’re not only indulging your smoking habit in a safer, much more responsible way  but that you’re also being much more financially responsible as well, and that’s the mark of a very smart person indeed.

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Vinyl Fencing – What Every Homeowner Should Know

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Over the years vinyl fences have gotten a bad rap. Known for becoming brittle and deteriorating over time, PVC simply hasn’t been the best choice when it comes to fencing. The good news is vinyl manufacturers have been able to work around this problem. By implementing the use of specific UV polymers and impact resistant materials in the manufacturing process, the new PVC material being produced is stronger and more resistant to cracking and becoming easily damaged. This is especially important in areas that are hot. In Orlando Fl vinyl fence will be exposed to the damaging UV rays of the sun much more than a fence in the northern parts of the country where the sun is not as intense. In turn, this new material has enabled fence contractors to provide high quality, low maintenance boundary fences for both home and business owners.

Advantages of Installing a PVC Fence

There are both pros and cons to installing certain types of fencing depending on several factors. Here are some of the advantages of using a PVC fence:

• Vinyl is low maintenance – Simply spraying it down with a hose and the quick wipe of a towel can have your fence looking brand new!
• Offers a contemporary, clean look to any yard.
• Impact resistant
• Vinyl fencing is offered in several different color palettes making it easier for them to blend in with the architectural style of your home.
• Save costs on painting and sealing unlike wood fences.
• The color goes all the way through the product making minor scratches less visible.
• Privacy – PVC fencing can be customized to several different heights depending on your privacy needs.
Disadvantages of Vinyl Fences
Although there are not many disadvantages to installing a vinyl privacy fence, here are few to consider:
• Doesn’t have the natural look of wood.
• Cost – PVC is more expensive to install than other types of fencing. If you have a low budget, then a wooden fence is probably your best alternative.
• Deed restrictions – As with any type of fence, some subdivisions restrict the use of certain materials. Always check with your homeowners association before installing any fence on your property!

Other considerations when installing a fence

There are a couple of other things to consider aside from the selection of materials to be used when fencing your yard or property. First, is choosing a fence company with experience and is licensed to perform the work. Many owners have fallen prey to the handyman who claims he can “do it all”. Their inexperience can end up costing you more money in the end! For example, a good fence contractor will order a boundary survey of your property (if you don’t have one available). This will ensure your vinyl fence is installed per local building codes and requirements.

Second, is creating a good point of access. This includes considering the size of the opening you may need for getting equipment in and out of your yard. If you are fencing in a large yard that is usually mowed on a large riding mower, you may be very disappointed when you find out the access gate is too small! Remember, good planning will go a long way.

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How to Quit Smoking Without Losing Your Mind

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non-smokingIf you’re a smoker, you know that it’s not exactly the most healthy of habits. There’s all sorts of nasty chemicals that you’re taking into your body whenever you light one up, and you’ve also got to deal with that very unpleasant smell and taste left over afterwards – it’s enough to motivate you to quit sometimes. However, kicking the habit is an incredibly difficult goal to achieve – you’re in for a rough go of it for several weeks and even months before you get that monkey on your back, and it can completely disrupt your life. Luckily, there are plenty of strategies out there to help you quit while still keeping your sanity; here are some of your best options.

It Takes More than Strength of Will

If you’re the type of person that can go cold turkey and just drop cigarettes at any given time, you’re a rare breed indeed. For the rest of us, it takes a supreme force of will that usually gets depleted after a few days, resulting in giving up and just going back to smoking. This means that most people need to select a strategy that bolsters their courage and resolve, and one of the best ways to do this is to replace smoking with some other activity.

Replacement Therapy

Many people feel the need to keep themselves busy when that cigarette craving hits them. Quite a few try chewing on straws or something similar in order to trick themselves, though this usually has mixed results. A better option can be to master your cravings by chewing some nicotine gum or even using an electronic cigarette, but this means you’re simply replacing one form of nicotine for another. However, there are different levels of potency of nicotine gum and if you go to a website such as Electronic Cigarettes Canada you can easily find an electronic cigarette that features a low nicotine content – or even none at all!

Better Living Through Chemistry

If you’re finding it too difficult to quit even with replacement therapy, you’re not completely lost in the woods. In fact, modern medical science has come to your aid in the form of many new prescription medications that might be perfect for you. The most common medication, known as Chantix in the US and Champix in Canada, is an excellent option for anyone who finds their cravings are simply too much for them and has led to success for many smokers who wished to quit.

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